Goose's Quizzes Presents: Outside the Box

18:30, 22 Jun

Goose's Quizzes present a special quiz designed to tease the  cryptic, lateral, creative, teamworking side of your brain!

Join us at Assembly Roxy on Thursday 22nd June for five rounds of lateral thinking questions that are a touch too outside the box for our regular weekly events...

Plus, you may not go home empty-handed, with a range of amazing prizes to win from Black Axe axe-throwing vouchers, to a bottle of Talonmore non-alcoholic spirits, to a tour of Holyrood Distillery - and even a fun little trinket for our most average team on the night!

Get settled in and have a drink with us from doors at 6:30pm, with the quiz starting promptly at 7:30pm. The bar will be open all night long to help keep those neural pathways nicely lubricated. Brain food, aka a selection of salty snacks, will be provided on the house as well!

Book in your team of 4-6 today. We look forward to seeing you there!

For any further queries, email [email protected]